Seven Tips to Grow Marijuana Just as Good as the Professionals

1. Buy Good Genes

Hypothetically you could buy the best equipment to grow marijuana available and still produce bad quality cannabis. And the reason is genetics.

No matter what equipment you buy, if you’re buying seeds for a strain with bad genes, you’re going to get bad cannabis.

So pay for the best quality seeds you can find because everything else on this list will be irrelevant without it.

2. Don’t Overfeed

The biggest mistake people make is they think they need to constantly feed their plant to give it lots of nutrients to make it big and strong. That’s not how it works. In fact, too many nutrients can lead to salt buildup which can ruin your plants.

3. Need High-Quality Soil

Similar to good genes, you can have the best lighting set up in the world and feed your plants the perfect amount of nutrients and water, and your cannabis could still end up being bad because you opted for cheap, low-quality soil.

Good soil will not only make your plant stronger, but it will also actually mean slightly less work for you since the soil will naturally help the cannabis grow.

4. Lights, Lights and More Lights

Investing in high-quality grow lights is almost essential to growing quality cannabis. And honestly, it’s nearly impossible to have too much.

If you’re unsure whether your plants are getting enough light, then they probably aren’t and you need even more.

5. Temperature

Keeping an ideal temperature for your cannabis plants is 100 percent necessary.

Also, different strains will require slightly different temperatures, so you should research what the best conditions are for what you’re growing.

6. Humidity

Along with temperature, maintaining ideal humidity is also necessary. In the early stages, the plants will want high humidity, but you’ll need to turn it down during the flowering phase otherwise you could develop mold.

7. Dry and Cure Properly

You can actually do the entire grow process 100 percent correctly, but ruin perfect cannabis by not drying or curing it properly.

You’ll want to dry your buds in an area with good airflow and you’ll want to cure it for a long enough time that they develop a better aroma and taste.

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